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Final Option Tactics

Gun - Knife - Empty Hand - Home Invasion

This exciting one day course is designed to give anyone quick and simple tactics that will quickly have you knowing more about self-preservation and surviving an attack than 99% of the criminals out there waiting to prey upon you.

In a matter of hours you'll learn how to "short circuit" the most vulnerable part of your opponent so you can really end 90% of the potential attack with a single move.

Learn why the most common advice about a knife attack will get you seriously injured and the only true way to counter and win a knife or club attack.

Come see why adults and professionals are turning to Final Option Tactics as their preferred method of learning how to realistically deal with a violent attack.

Tactical Handgun Level I, II and III                                 Level I - For new gun owner covers basics of shooting

Level II - Quick review of Level I. Great course for a more experienced shooter. Stress shooting will be introduced at this level.

Level III - Quick review of Level 1 & II. Combative shooting against a live attacker with professional grade soft air guns.Learn cutting edge drills that can make the difference to survive an attack.


This highly informative class will teach you how to properly evaluate your homes security from the outside along with learning how to prepare a 'safe room' and what is required to assure safety for the entire family. Students will receive an exclusive security check list  ($149.00 value). 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Classes taught by Mr. Gruel and State law enforcement officer. 

"When losing is not an option, rely on Final Option Tactics."

Special Thanks and in memory to Lt. Kevin S. Leininger for giving this program it's name.  


Final Option Tactics Seminar

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$179.00 per person (Non-Member)

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Family Discounts available 

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Next Class is July 18, 2015!


Working Out

"After thirty plus years of trying to teach realistic self-defense, the Final Option Tactics course distills everything necessary to teach someone with no training how to defend themselves in just a few hours. It produces more realistic fighting scenarios in just a few hours than years of training in traditional martial arts. Highly recommended for anyone trying to learn to defend themselves or their families."

Thomas Ward - 7th dan and CEO of Crawfordsville Karate.

This is simply the best investment anyone could make not only for themselves but for the rest of their family. I was at first hard to believe that in four hours I would truly be capable of handling a violent situation...not anymore. Terry breaks everything down to simple gross motor movement skills.Great investment!

H.  Hopkins

My buddies thought I was over selling this program until they decided to enroll. After 30 minutes with Terry they were believers! Terry was professional and very informative with our group. This program simply under promised and over delivered! 

W. Doak

WOW!  This is hands down the best investment I have made for myself and my daughters! We now have a much better grasp on what to do if we are ever attacked. The ground fighting was so easy to perform under pressure . Thank you Terry for offer such a powerful course and making all of us feel at ease learning from you.

Name withheld

I just recently attended the home invasion class and all I can say is WOW! What an eye opener I learned so much than I expected to learn. The instructors were very professional not only with their knowledge but also with the power point presentation. The home security check list given to me was excellent over 60 point check list to evaluate my home. They even offered to come perform the evaluation for me to help determine key safety flaws.

Name withheld per request